Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fun but tiring vacation >> 4 Dec

I went to Brunei with my father this morning at 6.45am after i sending my beloved adk angkat back to his house. He leaving Miri soon going to Sri Aman.... Haiz going to miss him so much..
Back to the vacation, depart from miri and arrive Brunei at 8 something and then we went to the brunei education department.. Wow that was a great building there.

Then, they did bring to walk around brunei and i did when to two musuem, floating village and round the city.. bad thing is the park that i want to go alraedy closed down. So sad... neway, i really having a nice trip but tiring trip. One day trip.

After round the town, we went to Brunei International Airport to fetch aunt and her daughter.
then, we went to having our lunch once again with them. Miri here we come back. One the way got roadblock lar.. haha.. so funny they stopped us and ask us to take off the tinted glass plastic. HAha..

After arrive miri, i straight away chatting as one day didnt chat already. haah..

I didnt take my rest and straight away when to the dinner at Dynasty Hotel. Guess what, i meet Shun Jie there.. Haha.. Back from the dinner, Auntie did give me the present she buys from Sepanyol.. Wow that great....

26 November 2008>> Home Sweet Home

Today is the last day i stayed at my college.. When back to my home at Miri.. Haha....
Tony sends me to airport and i really grateful and thankful praise be unto the Lord because had assigned to me such a great good cell group leader.. I still remember got one night before i going back to Miri, we went for dinner and hmm.. quite funny games to choose who will pray before we eat. because still shy shy shy.. aha.. luckily he helped me.. If not, i dont know what to do... I think i make such a great mistake on that night...

Huh... So fast time past... Already leaving miri for half year... What Miri going to be the next time i coming back?? Will it be the same city that i stayed there for 20 years?? Sometime i feel like dont want to come back here because of financial problems.. I really sad when i come back here and i know all sort of problem created because of me.. Sometime i think that why should i continue study there when they found difficulties to support my study? Why should they argue because of money?
I really lazy to come back here just because of this. I really dont know what can i do now.. Anyone can tell me and guide me to go throught this problem??

Haha.. Forget about this.. This is the time for me to share with u all the time that i have in miri..wakaka.. really having such nice and fun memories while me at miri.. Really tiring holiday at miri.. can say everyday fully booked.. ahha.. even until the last day i going back to kL...