Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Resume 2010

34973_1429366945766_1580613849_1052345_285757_n.jpgCHAN VUI KIT


Mobile : +6013-767 2215 / +6014-692 6290

House : +6085- 665054

E-mail : nelson.chanvk@gmail.com

Permanent Address: Current Address:

Lot 231, No 98, Jalan Jee Foh, M43/311, Kolej Tun Dr. Ismail

Lorong 10, Krokop, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia,

98000, Miri, Sarawak. 81310 UTM Skudai, Johor.


Chemical-Gas Engineer seeking for internship position which allows me to apply my background of study in Chemical-Gas Engineering problems and desire to contribute my ability for career development in Chemical Engineering especially in Oil and Gas Industry.


Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical-Gas), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)

CGPA : 3.64/4.00

Expected Graduation : August 2012

Biology Science, Malaysian Higher School Certificate, SMK Baru Miri (2006-2007)

CGPA : 3.25/4.00


· Able to use QCAD, MATLAB, Polymath and Basic C++ Programming.

· Possess good leadership and communication skills.

· Fast learner and ability to adapt to new environment

· Basic knowledge in Gas Spectroscopy and other analysis technologies.

· Good communication skills in Malay and English language (both oral and writing).

· Basic knowledge in First Aid.


· PIBG Outstanding Leadership Award 2007.

· Managed to get 4 times Faculty of Petroleum and Renewable Energy Engineering Dean’s List.

· Won Merdeka Chorus Speaking 2008 (Overall Champion).


· Board of Committee, Volunteer Department, Career Path 2008, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (CP 2008).

· Board of Committee, Institute of Engineering, Malaysia, UTM Student Chapter (2008)

· Conductor, Merdeka Chorus Speaking 2008 (2008-Champion).

· Head of Entrepreneurship Students Representative Council of Tun Dr. Ismail Residential College (2009).

· Head of Logistic Unit, UTM Academic & Technologies Transfer “Lestari Bario 2009 sponsored by Malaysia Airline System (MAS) worth Rm40, 000 for bringing new technology of organic fertilizer to Bario, Sarawak (2009).

· Head of Sponsorship Unit, First Year Experience Gas Engineering Student Society (GESS Camp 2009).

· Vice Honorary Treasurer of Gas Engineering Student Society (GESS-2010).

· Department of Protocol, International Student Leaders Conference (2010).

· Department of Activity, GESS Family Day 2010.

· Head of Activity Unit, GESS Night 2010.

· Vice Director, Industry Visit 2010.

· Sponsorship Unit of Charity Program “Meniti Sinar Kasih, Padang, Indonesia” (2010)

· Board of Committee, Technical and Logistic Unit, “Minggu Insprisasi Kesejahteraan Segajat, MIKS’10” (2010).

· Board of Committee, Department of Protocol of Gas Renewable Energy Symposium 2010/11.

· Vice Director of Foreign Affair Department Global Outreach Program, Gas Industry Exposure (GESS-INDURE’2010) (2010).

· Treasurer of GESS IN 2010 Academic Workshop (2010).

· Treasurer of GESS STRIKE 2010 Career Seminar (2010).


· Boulevard Hypermarket & Departmental Store

o Working as Sales Assistant in Cold Storage Department (2006)

· Mc Donald Fast Food Restaurant

o Three weeks experience working as Cashier (2007)

· Sri Mulia Primary School, Miri Sarawak.

o Form Teacher of Primary 4, teaching in Science and Mathematics.

o Tuition Teacher for Science and Mathematics.

· Oxford Tuition Center and Adiwarna Tuition Center

o Replacement tuition teacher for Science (Form 3, 4 & 5) and Chemistry (Form 4 & 5).


Friday, November 5, 2010

Study Week.....

Believing or not??? the greatest motivation in me is the love that you gave to me... You're always my motivation my dear....

Knowing you, I hope to be close to you...
Close to you, I know I slowly feel comfortable to be with you...
Comfortable with you, I slowly feel that I'm safe whenever I'm with you...
Feel safe, I slowly fall in love with you...
When I'm in love, I really hope that our "LOVE NEVER FAILS"...

The power of love is so unbelievable... Such a simple promise to excel in my study in front of you keep me motivated until now... Dear, i just want to let you know... I did perform well in my examination this semester....

Chemical Reaction Test 1 : 88/100
Chemical Reaction Test 2 : 73/75
Gas Processing Test 1 : 92/100
Gas Processing Test 2 : 47/50
Separation Process Test 1: 10/15
Numerical Method Test 1 : 15/15
Combustion Engineering Test 1 : 9.6/15
Combustion Engineering Test 2 : 13/15

My only worries now are Combustion Engineering and Separation Process... However, I do worry about my laboratory results as well... especially Separation Lab... Hope that I manage to score well in all this semester....

Hello my fella dear friends.... Members of Faculty Chemical Engineering and Members of Faculty of Petroleum and Renewable Energy Engineering... Those who going to sit for the final examination... Determination of future (SPM, STPM candidates).....

Here, I'm Nelson Chan Vui Kit.... With my family members...

Wishing you guys all the best and pass with flying colors.... Good luck my dear friends....
Loving you.....

With Love,
Nelson Chan

3 month ago.... Part 1

Journey for Remembrance.........

My dearest First year juniors of 2010.... FN and FH... Heahea.... Those who always give me motivation whenever I'm down.....

Release tension and make myself shy at this moment.... Sing my long love song... " My heart"....

Time past really fast. It had already past 3 months i didn't update my blog. A lot of things i want to share but i have no time for it. 3 months past with lot of sweet, sour, salty, spicy and more memories.
As usual, my university life just not busy with study, study and just study... Involving in activities to make myself busy in university was my own choice. Why? I also don't know why... But what the most important thing is i never neglected my study.. Mum, don't worry about that. I still manage to perform well even though I'm damn busy here.

This was the academic workshop and seminar that recently I take part. Been assigned as Treasurer of these two programs was really a very challenging job.. Managing the income and to avoid mistake and all kind of problems occurs is such a hard duty. Regret? Anyway, there's no such feeling in my life because believing that everything happen in our life have it's own meaning.

Celebrating Raya with all my coursemate was such a great event. Really enjoying myself gathering with all SKG-ian. I believe only through programs, everyone can gather as one family in unity. This is the time to know each other better and caring about each other. Another no regret in my life after taking Chemical Engineering major in Gas. For information, this is not my field of interest but since this is fated, I will go through with faith that I have in Him.

Studying is just not mean study and study and just study. I do enjoy my study so far because I managing myself pretty well. Balance in study and social. Time management is important for sure.... However, I, myself, really like to do things last minutes. That's the only problem in my life....
Enjoying myself? Of course for sure and absolutely..... One day in Singapore... Day in Bukit Bintang.... Movie Day Out,... Bowling tournament.... All kind of leisure that attracted me... This is the way i managing my own stress.... I like statement from all my friends.... Friends..... Enjoying is a must but don't forget to maintain your results as high as possible.....

Bukit Bintang trips was the last trip for this semester before I sit for my final examination of Semester 5 in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.. A simple 2 days 1 night trip promising an unforgettable memories.... Cool... And nice... I love to have it again next time.. Friends, thanks for giving me a chance to know you guys better... Loving you......

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Break-fasting Memory 2010

The journey begin when i first receive a message from a friend of mine in Facebook. Its 29 May 2010 (bersamaan 15 Jamadilakhir 1431). Probably its just a simple message yet feel comfortable to chat with. Thank God that the relationship that occurs didnt ended until today yet even deeper and deeper each day.

Still remember that, the next day after we knowing each other... I received a message from you saying that you got into an accident. And starting from that moment, i knew that I cared about you.

However, after sometime, probably due to some problems, we started to leaving each other and leaving our Friendship.... Until one day, its 4th August 2010 (bersamaan 23 Syaaban 1431) we came back to our relationship.... Thank God that we never forget about the Ship that we ever built together and yet we came back to it... to strengthen it once again...

NELFEI created after we really treasured the relationship that we have together... And from there, we started to called Didi and Gege.. I feel so happy whenever Didi called me that.... Feel very close and closer just like knowing each other for long time.. Its cool and nice...

And now, Didi just like part of my life,member of my family... I really treasured the relationship that we created together Didi.. With the motto of our DiGe relationship, "NEVER WALK ALONE"..

Not long after, its Fasting Month where all Muslims going to fast for a month before celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri... Yeah...This year, i going to fast together with all my friends, Didi and DD...
And this is the time we both waited where we want to break-fast together this year... I hope this is just the beginning of it and we going to continue it every year...

Arriving on the date,

And now the funny part is, when we both arrived, the first thing we do is searching for a slipper... Didi slipper.. And this his new slipper... From Cinderella shop.. Cool name...

After everything is done, we heading to the place we going to stay... I didnt prepare any great gift and just managed to brought the Toblerone Chocolate as a first meet gift, a simple souvenirs.... And i really hope you like it....

Planning of the day: Break-fast together and having a movie show... Seriously after the break-fast dinner with Didi, the next day, when Gege having the same meal but at different place, the Chicken Rice that Gege have with Didi is the best CR Gege have in my whole life.. Believe it or not?? I really feel so....

After our dinner, still have plenty of time before 10.10pm for Expendables.. We have a shop for awhile buying 3 shirts.. (2 for Gege, 1 for Didi)... Really like the shirt even its just a simple cutting... Having ice-cream right in the middle of the field while surrounded by plenty group of peoples... Its really a happening night.. Can feel the joy... Laughter... Cheer... Really an amazing situation... that Gege never found in my own campus...

Seriously time past really fast whenever we having great time together... Its came to the last day of our meeting... I believe this is just the beginning of our relationship.. Right??

Feel so heavy to say goodbye on the last day... But with the courage to say, WE WILL NEVER WALK ALONE because always be there for you and Didi also always be there for me whenever we need each other.. Right Didi??

Thank Didi for giving Gege a chance to get into what we are today... Gege really appreciate it so much.. Really hope its never end no matter what... We should continue our journey till the end...

Just remember!!!

Didi never walks alone...

With love from Gege,
Nelson Chan
26 August 2010

Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's Ramadhan..... 2010

After sometime of loneliness, finally you came into my life. Its happen week before 1st Ramadhan 1431. And starting from that time onward, we start to make a promise.....

A great promise.... To fast and break-fast together during Fasting Month of 2010. Previous year, my objective of fasting is just to accompany my coursemate as sign of respect. I fasted for one and two weeks for my First and Second year of studies. But this year, i wanna make it full because of You.

On 10 August 2010 equivalence with 29 Syaaban 1431, when the song " Tercipta Untukmu" take place in my life, and here we go with our Fasting Date.

Early in the morning, we wake up together by giving signal to each other... Either through message or miss call... Its seem so sweet to me even its just a simple doing. Here we go.. Sahur together even we were hundred miles away.... but i believe our heart was together...Everyday without failed sending this message to each other... " Selamat Bersahur ke-??".. I hope this never end till the end of fasting month....

This is the time that everyone waiting.. Break-fast... I think i really appreciate food at this moment... This year, also quite a special year for me.. Decided to fasting with you and i taking Date(Kurma) as recommended by you.. I really like the moment that we were fasting together and break-fast together.. Really hope this is just the beginning but never stop in the beginning of our journey....

Andai kata ini adalah Ramadhanku yang terakhir bersamamu..... Inginku lalui bersamamu dengan penuh bermakna dan takkan ku sia-siakan masa yang ada bersamamu.. Dirimu begitu penting buat diriku...

Salam Ramadhan Terakhir

Kerana mengenali dirimmu hidupku ceria selalu,
Betapa penting dirimu padaku,
Semangat tinggi menggunung kerana dirimu.
Kerana dirimu,
Kini, daku bertekad untuk bersamamu,
Menjalani ibadah puasa bersamamu,
Kerana dirimu,
Daku berhasrat mengikutimu,
Agar sambutan Raya bersamamu lebih bermakna.
Walaupun kita berjauhan ratusan batu,
Hati kita tetap bersama
Dengan satu niat untuk bersahur dan berbuka bersama.
Andai ku tahu,
Ini Ramadhan terakhirku bersamamu,
Takkanku sia-siakan masa yang ada bersamamu,
Inginku lalui bersamamu,
Dengan penuh makna bersamamu,
Inginku pergi dengan seribu kenangan manis bersamamu,
Kerana diriku amat menyayangi dirimu.
Andaiku benar-benar pergi darimu,
Jangan pernah bersedih pilu,
Kerana diriku pergi dahulu,
Ini hanya sementara waktu,
Kerana kita bakal bertemu,
Di alam satu lagi bersamamu,
Yang buat selama-lamanya bersamamu

Ini cuma satu rekaan semata-mata tapi ikhlas dariku kepadamu....
Salam Ramadhan buat kali pertama kepadamu dariku...
Harap tahun ini kita bisa sambut Raya Aidilfitri bersama dengan penuh bermakna...
tidak inginku kehilanganmu...
Kerana dirimu begitu penting buat diriku..

With love from;
Nelson Chan
15 August 2010

Friday, August 13, 2010

Challenging Month of August 2010

As i mentioned before, time really flies and swift really fast. Now, its already month of August... So, please do appreciate every second that we have in our life with what you think is the most important stuff for you before it's too late.

August 2010 going to be the month which is the most memorial month compared to previous-previous years... I make a lot of important decision during this month... Such as???

Introducing my daughter and son, Chipo (Brown) and Chipy (Grey)... Its Winter White.... Having them in my life on 5 August 2010 (24 Syaaban 1431)... Having them in my life just like having you by my side accompanying me to go through my life together...

On the same day also, I make the great decision that is to accept you as part of my life... I wish that we manage to go through everything together.. No matter rich or poor, sick or healthy, i will always be with you....Quarrels and Jealousy should be a normal things in our life.. because we cared each other that why its happen.. But make sure minimizing it to zero as possible... Just like "sedangkan lidah boleh tergigit" maybe correct i using this quote.. And " Buang yg keruh ambil yg jernih"..
I believe its going to be great if we practicing this concept in our relationship...

This semester having two laboratory works... Fluid Mechanics and Separation Process 1 Lab.. Its really tough and challenging not just because of the time and knowledge need to be applied, but also deal to how i going to hang around and dealing with people surrounding me... But life should be enjoyable and joyful....

But But But.. This time i make such a stupid mistake in my test.. Imaging how careless am I.... I'm one of the school Mathematics teacher and yet i doing this mistake during my University life...

During my Separation Process Test 1, see how i do conversion of unit...

1 hour = 60 seconds

Notice what mistake i do?? Hurm.. so disappointed with myself after the test... No wonder volcano can burst in anytime...

And hey, having family holiday during 6 August 2010.. Before this, really scared to go for this family trip but i make up my mind that we should fight for our right. Wow.. Ended up, i managed to having great time with my mum, grandma and Mummy at KL. Upon my arrival, i been told that tonight we going to Genting Highlands. Wow, isnt it cool? haha... With tiring mode, i arrive there and going back home at 2-3 in the morning... After slept, the next morning, heading to the same place again but this time even cool.. 1pm arrive there and going back home at 2-3 in the morning again.. My family trip just hanging out at Genting Highlands this time.. Haha. Really like it actually....

And last night, 13th the Friday in August 2010, not sure making the right decision or not, me, Leo and Tham heading to Singapore for a day trip... Arrive there at 8pm and going back to Malaysia at 1am.. Really amaze the night scene at Singapore... And during our arrival, there is a mini concert on the road side and having great game there.. Youth Olympic Game... Cool man...

I think that all i want to share for now... I hope there more interesting stuff to happen again in my August life...

And 1 more, 1 more important thing, I'm fasting this year... and my target is full fasting this year.. Because i want to have great Raya Celebration together with you this year... This gonna be our first raya together this year.. so make it meaningful and nice for us... Happy Fasting to all my friends and especially you... Haha......

With love and miss,
Nelson Chan
(14 August 2010)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

GESS Camp 2010 - Kem Tautan Kasih

The last touched up picture taken was in 2005. After several years, finally i taken this one once again. Its taken on 7 July 2010 at Typhoon Studio Miri. This will be my official picture for all my Formal and In-Formal usages.

My very first event after enter UTM is our annual GESS Camp 2010 with the title of "Kem Tautan Kasih'10" organized by my beloved juniors lead by Akmal; junior from Miri same hometown with me.

Introducing PM. Dr. Zainal Zakaria (yellow stripes), me from the left, Siti Radhiah, Daphne, Epol and Hakim; members of 3 SKG. Dr. Zainal, one of Gas Department lecture who always support our programs. Most of the program organized launch by Him. Kind and great person after knowing him better during our Industry Visit 2010 to Kerteh, Shah Alam, Port Dickson and Melaka during last holiday.

Daphne, Akmal, Radi, Nelson, Azureen and Shu (3-SKG) and girl in red is one of my beloved junior, Carol a.k.a Speaker of the Year. Hax3... dont angry ya if you saw this... Quite enjoy our camping this time even its bored without beaches and interesting place. But the most important things is the unforgettable memories that cant bought with money.

"Penipu dan Ditipu" words came out from my junior's junior after this group of people play fools of them during the Explorace session during the camping. Deep in my memory, the very first group that got hooked into our evil plan is " Pisang Emas". Hax3.. really fun looking at them playing the game set by us. Ended up with the signature and note sounded this way " Thank for cheering us up" hax3.. if me, i will says " Sakit hati tul"... \

But during our last day after taking group photo, I manage to says some words to them on the purposes and great reasons will we doing so. Learned great lessons even from simple games and tricks. This is the reality in life...

If saying that this camping is very bored, then we were wrong.. We did went to the mini waterfall and having great time there.. Everyone of the members (3SKG) went to this place. Its was a tough journey for me after so long didnt do extreme trekking. Im too old for all of this. But i manage to go and come back safely. Unfortunately, the effect of this trekking cause me in pain for 3 days.....

Our last day in Kaizen Camp... Treasure all the moments that i have just with you guys during this four years of studies.

Our SKG group photo during the last day of the camp.. From 1-SKG until 4-SKG.. even our super senior is also here with us.. Practice this type of spirit.. I hope that GESS can move to another level like SPE do... Brighter future is waiting for us.. A journey of thousand miles starting with a single step.. So family of GESS, take this very first step and meet up after thousand miles.

Start having laboratory works... This semester taking two labs in same day.. Fluid Mechanics lab and Separation Process 1 lab.. Both on the same day.. gonna kills me hard this time...

Even im busy with all my works in university, but i will never forget about you.. My time will be allocated wisely for my study and for my only one.. I love you much.... Be with me till the end.....

With Love,
Nelson Chan Vui Kit
22 July 2010

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Back to the basic....2010

Time past really fast... It's already 3 months of semester break. Spend my April traveling Peninsular Malaysia (Terengganu, Shah Alam, Port Dickson and Melaka) for GESS Industry Visit 2010. Spending my May having program to Padang, Indonesia and last but not least having my last month in Miri with all my fella friends and special one.

This is the very first farewell party after several of reunion dinners and events. Having BBQ night at my beloved sister house on 3 of July 2010.. Credits to my Sister and Brother in Law for the helping hands to make this event a success that night. Thanks to all my fella friends as well because giving me such a great night.. Unforgettable moments also happen after my BBQ night. My first experience going to a place i never think of going before.

On 6 of July, i received another call from the same group of my beloved friends. Its another farewell dinner at this time having it at Pizza Hut, Bintang Plaza Megamall. After dinner, all of us having a great bowling sessions and this also give another great moment which is....

This one.. Hax3.. my first time record in my bowling world. Double turkey at StarBowl Megalane, Bintang Plaza Megamall. Ended up with overall record of 201 pins 1 frame. This is my personal records after 2 years playing bowling. Hope to improve more in this game. First turkey record was in Melaka.

After great dinner and bowling sessions, we heading to Soho for cup of drink... Unexpected, Chong King treats each one of us a cup of drink. What?? He orders Irish Fantasy for me but i just manage to finish half of it.... Creativity comes to both of us( Brian and me) after keep missing my loved one.. Not nice but yet meaningful for both.... Isnt it??

Times past really fast... Its time for me to continue my journey of my life. I keep our promises till the end of our life... I will says that i love you even with my last breath... Even we're apart from each other, but nothing is impossible.. Heart to heart is always there... I also dont know why... I keep to have that kind of feeling...

2 golds are the promises that i keep since the very first... This is the motivation that you gave to me and i will make it a reality... One for mum, one for you...Thank for everything that you gave to me.. because it really important to me...

Stepping my foot once again into my university, i never think of relaxing myself.. Plenty of duties to be settles... I will still continue my life like usual.... and today, the most important date for GESS'10... Our annual event GESS Camp will be held from 16-18 July 2010 at Kaizen Camp. Looking forward about this camp and keep update with me...

With love and i love you,
Nelson Chan
(1.39pm - 16 July 2010)