Thursday, July 15, 2010

Back to the basic....2010

Time past really fast... It's already 3 months of semester break. Spend my April traveling Peninsular Malaysia (Terengganu, Shah Alam, Port Dickson and Melaka) for GESS Industry Visit 2010. Spending my May having program to Padang, Indonesia and last but not least having my last month in Miri with all my fella friends and special one.

This is the very first farewell party after several of reunion dinners and events. Having BBQ night at my beloved sister house on 3 of July 2010.. Credits to my Sister and Brother in Law for the helping hands to make this event a success that night. Thanks to all my fella friends as well because giving me such a great night.. Unforgettable moments also happen after my BBQ night. My first experience going to a place i never think of going before.

On 6 of July, i received another call from the same group of my beloved friends. Its another farewell dinner at this time having it at Pizza Hut, Bintang Plaza Megamall. After dinner, all of us having a great bowling sessions and this also give another great moment which is....

This one.. Hax3.. my first time record in my bowling world. Double turkey at StarBowl Megalane, Bintang Plaza Megamall. Ended up with overall record of 201 pins 1 frame. This is my personal records after 2 years playing bowling. Hope to improve more in this game. First turkey record was in Melaka.

After great dinner and bowling sessions, we heading to Soho for cup of drink... Unexpected, Chong King treats each one of us a cup of drink. What?? He orders Irish Fantasy for me but i just manage to finish half of it.... Creativity comes to both of us( Brian and me) after keep missing my loved one.. Not nice but yet meaningful for both.... Isnt it??

Times past really fast... Its time for me to continue my journey of my life. I keep our promises till the end of our life... I will says that i love you even with my last breath... Even we're apart from each other, but nothing is impossible.. Heart to heart is always there... I also dont know why... I keep to have that kind of feeling...

2 golds are the promises that i keep since the very first... This is the motivation that you gave to me and i will make it a reality... One for mum, one for you...Thank for everything that you gave to me.. because it really important to me...

Stepping my foot once again into my university, i never think of relaxing myself.. Plenty of duties to be settles... I will still continue my life like usual.... and today, the most important date for GESS'10... Our annual event GESS Camp will be held from 16-18 July 2010 at Kaizen Camp. Looking forward about this camp and keep update with me...

With love and i love you,
Nelson Chan
(1.39pm - 16 July 2010)

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