Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Resume 2010

34973_1429366945766_1580613849_1052345_285757_n.jpgCHAN VUI KIT


Mobile : +6013-767 2215 / +6014-692 6290

House : +6085- 665054

E-mail : nelson.chanvk@gmail.com

Permanent Address: Current Address:

Lot 231, No 98, Jalan Jee Foh, M43/311, Kolej Tun Dr. Ismail

Lorong 10, Krokop, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia,

98000, Miri, Sarawak. 81310 UTM Skudai, Johor.


Chemical-Gas Engineer seeking for internship position which allows me to apply my background of study in Chemical-Gas Engineering problems and desire to contribute my ability for career development in Chemical Engineering especially in Oil and Gas Industry.


Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical-Gas), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)

CGPA : 3.64/4.00

Expected Graduation : August 2012

Biology Science, Malaysian Higher School Certificate, SMK Baru Miri (2006-2007)

CGPA : 3.25/4.00


· Able to use QCAD, MATLAB, Polymath and Basic C++ Programming.

· Possess good leadership and communication skills.

· Fast learner and ability to adapt to new environment

· Basic knowledge in Gas Spectroscopy and other analysis technologies.

· Good communication skills in Malay and English language (both oral and writing).

· Basic knowledge in First Aid.


· PIBG Outstanding Leadership Award 2007.

· Managed to get 4 times Faculty of Petroleum and Renewable Energy Engineering Dean’s List.

· Won Merdeka Chorus Speaking 2008 (Overall Champion).


· Board of Committee, Volunteer Department, Career Path 2008, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (CP 2008).

· Board of Committee, Institute of Engineering, Malaysia, UTM Student Chapter (2008)

· Conductor, Merdeka Chorus Speaking 2008 (2008-Champion).

· Head of Entrepreneurship Students Representative Council of Tun Dr. Ismail Residential College (2009).

· Head of Logistic Unit, UTM Academic & Technologies Transfer “Lestari Bario 2009 sponsored by Malaysia Airline System (MAS) worth Rm40, 000 for bringing new technology of organic fertilizer to Bario, Sarawak (2009).

· Head of Sponsorship Unit, First Year Experience Gas Engineering Student Society (GESS Camp 2009).

· Vice Honorary Treasurer of Gas Engineering Student Society (GESS-2010).

· Department of Protocol, International Student Leaders Conference (2010).

· Department of Activity, GESS Family Day 2010.

· Head of Activity Unit, GESS Night 2010.

· Vice Director, Industry Visit 2010.

· Sponsorship Unit of Charity Program “Meniti Sinar Kasih, Padang, Indonesia” (2010)

· Board of Committee, Technical and Logistic Unit, “Minggu Insprisasi Kesejahteraan Segajat, MIKS’10” (2010).

· Board of Committee, Department of Protocol of Gas Renewable Energy Symposium 2010/11.

· Vice Director of Foreign Affair Department Global Outreach Program, Gas Industry Exposure (GESS-INDURE’2010) (2010).

· Treasurer of GESS IN 2010 Academic Workshop (2010).

· Treasurer of GESS STRIKE 2010 Career Seminar (2010).


· Boulevard Hypermarket & Departmental Store

o Working as Sales Assistant in Cold Storage Department (2006)

· Mc Donald Fast Food Restaurant

o Three weeks experience working as Cashier (2007)

· Sri Mulia Primary School, Miri Sarawak.

o Form Teacher of Primary 4, teaching in Science and Mathematics.

o Tuition Teacher for Science and Mathematics.

· Oxford Tuition Center and Adiwarna Tuition Center

o Replacement tuition teacher for Science (Form 3, 4 & 5) and Chemistry (Form 4 & 5).


Friday, November 5, 2010

Study Week.....

Believing or not??? the greatest motivation in me is the love that you gave to me... You're always my motivation my dear....

Knowing you, I hope to be close to you...
Close to you, I know I slowly feel comfortable to be with you...
Comfortable with you, I slowly feel that I'm safe whenever I'm with you...
Feel safe, I slowly fall in love with you...
When I'm in love, I really hope that our "LOVE NEVER FAILS"...

The power of love is so unbelievable... Such a simple promise to excel in my study in front of you keep me motivated until now... Dear, i just want to let you know... I did perform well in my examination this semester....

Chemical Reaction Test 1 : 88/100
Chemical Reaction Test 2 : 73/75
Gas Processing Test 1 : 92/100
Gas Processing Test 2 : 47/50
Separation Process Test 1: 10/15
Numerical Method Test 1 : 15/15
Combustion Engineering Test 1 : 9.6/15
Combustion Engineering Test 2 : 13/15

My only worries now are Combustion Engineering and Separation Process... However, I do worry about my laboratory results as well... especially Separation Lab... Hope that I manage to score well in all this semester....

Hello my fella dear friends.... Members of Faculty Chemical Engineering and Members of Faculty of Petroleum and Renewable Energy Engineering... Those who going to sit for the final examination... Determination of future (SPM, STPM candidates).....

Here, I'm Nelson Chan Vui Kit.... With my family members...

Wishing you guys all the best and pass with flying colors.... Good luck my dear friends....
Loving you.....

With Love,
Nelson Chan

3 month ago.... Part 1

Journey for Remembrance.........

My dearest First year juniors of 2010.... FN and FH... Heahea.... Those who always give me motivation whenever I'm down.....

Release tension and make myself shy at this moment.... Sing my long love song... " My heart"....

Time past really fast. It had already past 3 months i didn't update my blog. A lot of things i want to share but i have no time for it. 3 months past with lot of sweet, sour, salty, spicy and more memories.
As usual, my university life just not busy with study, study and just study... Involving in activities to make myself busy in university was my own choice. Why? I also don't know why... But what the most important thing is i never neglected my study.. Mum, don't worry about that. I still manage to perform well even though I'm damn busy here.

This was the academic workshop and seminar that recently I take part. Been assigned as Treasurer of these two programs was really a very challenging job.. Managing the income and to avoid mistake and all kind of problems occurs is such a hard duty. Regret? Anyway, there's no such feeling in my life because believing that everything happen in our life have it's own meaning.

Celebrating Raya with all my coursemate was such a great event. Really enjoying myself gathering with all SKG-ian. I believe only through programs, everyone can gather as one family in unity. This is the time to know each other better and caring about each other. Another no regret in my life after taking Chemical Engineering major in Gas. For information, this is not my field of interest but since this is fated, I will go through with faith that I have in Him.

Studying is just not mean study and study and just study. I do enjoy my study so far because I managing myself pretty well. Balance in study and social. Time management is important for sure.... However, I, myself, really like to do things last minutes. That's the only problem in my life....
Enjoying myself? Of course for sure and absolutely..... One day in Singapore... Day in Bukit Bintang.... Movie Day Out,... Bowling tournament.... All kind of leisure that attracted me... This is the way i managing my own stress.... I like statement from all my friends.... Friends..... Enjoying is a must but don't forget to maintain your results as high as possible.....

Bukit Bintang trips was the last trip for this semester before I sit for my final examination of Semester 5 in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.. A simple 2 days 1 night trip promising an unforgettable memories.... Cool... And nice... I love to have it again next time.. Friends, thanks for giving me a chance to know you guys better... Loving you......