Monday, October 19, 2009

Critical moments

Today onward was a critical point for everyone in UTM. Final examinations were just in a week time ahead. Registration for next semester also started today. In the beginning was so extremely scare because someone of my coursemate told me that when want to take signature from our penasihat akademik, we need to do this do that. But thank God. This three semesters non of this hindered me from taking his signature. Praise the Lord too I manage to maintain quite balance achievements in my studies. Past failure really must be taken as a teaching material,motivation but not condemnation to us. Strive for better through past failure.
Today, i settle all my burden. I submitted my photography assignments, taken my personal assistance signature and get one of my carry mark. At first was so disappointed with my carry mark but seem the highest was just few marks higher, i have nothing to say.
Energy Balance >> 39/50
Differential Equation>>45/50
Hurm... really hope to score for my final examination. This semester I aim for at least 3.9 if not i will drop from highest building in my life once again. This is the only chance i can score this time. scoring 40++ for final examination should not be a problems for us. Pray for me... Lord, Father Lord. i surrender all this into Your Hand. All things seem impossible for human but in your Eye, all things are possibles.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

End of Semester 3 with Shaking Confident

In the beginning of this semester, I set my goal to score 4.0 for this semester. And start with prayer guide by Phip 4:13 I can do all things through HIM who strengthen me. I really believe that this verse can guide me through my hard time and down time.
One month past, two month goes three month leave, its time for final examination for this semester. I was quite disappointed with my performances in order for me to score 4.0 for this semester. But until now, current moment, i still put my faith in Lord that I still can score for it.
Sharing about my current results,
Energy Balance Test 1>> 7.1
Energy Balance Test 2>>5.8
Fluid Mechanics Test 1>>13.5
Fluid Mechanics Test 2>> 11
Differential Equation Test 1>> 13
Differential Equation Test 2>>22
Differential Equation Quiz>> 10
Organic Chemistry Test 1>>16
Organic Chemistry Quiz 1>>4.5
Ethnics Relation Test>> 23
These are the current results that i have for this semester. Still got Organic Chemistry Test2, Energy Balance Test 3, Organic Chemistry Quizzes on pending. So far the only carry mark that i know is my Differential Equation which is 45/50. Hope so with this carry mark, i manage to score A for my Differential Equation.
Today 3pm was the last lecture class for this semester. This semester we ended our class with English Class and with praise from Lecturer that this was the first time from her teaching experiences that we manage to finish English presentation of 8 groups within two days lecture classes. Finish earlier doesn't mean that we didn't present well but we managed to finish our presentation fast and full with information(hope so).
Last but not least, starting today and onward, it was a Study Week for me. Hope i can use this study week wisely because of the pack arrangement of my final exam timetable.
28/10>> Advanced English
29/10>>Ethnics Relation
30/10>> Fluid Mechanics
3/11>> Organic Chemistry (morning)
3/11>> Differential Equation(afternoon)
4/11>> Energy Balance
After tiring final examinations, i have a trip to Cameron Highlands with Nusatropika Club which is a new club replacing PUSAKA club in my residential collage. We will be going to spend our holiday there for 3 days in which we will depart from campus to the destination on 5th November night and will be back to campus on 8th November morning.
After this trip, maybe will be heading to Singapore(Sentosa) for one day and will be back to my beloved hometown( Miri) soon. I really miss Miri so much.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Precious Memories yet changes my life once again

2 October 2009, Friday, a journey to Muar, a village name Sengkang for a program named Intech 2009, organized by PERSAKA UTM and cooperation with KDSE UTM and UMNO. Around 40 students attending this event and among all, I'm the only chinese. At the beginning, I feel shy to continue joining this program, but this was the only chance i have. That true for what people say, opportunity just came once and will just past by just like that. Be so thankful that i managed to follow it. A nice memories yet destructive toward something that had long been form.
Representing the only 5 members of the total members joining this event from Kolej Tun Dr. Ismail UTM. From Faculty of Chemical and Natural Resources Engineering.
(from the left, Epol, Hakim, Sidek, me, Shah)

During the last meeting, i had been told that my adopted parent was a school head-mister. This situation make me shock. But let see. This was my adopted mother in this program. Pretty. Nice. Caring. Even just short 3 days 2 nights and we didn't take time to understand each other, but i really respect her just like my own mother. Religion didn't hindered me from having who as my adopted parents as long as they are really sincere in receive me into their life.

Introducing my best friend, the first friend that i know during this program. Mum brings me for visiting her school teacher houses for Raya Visiting. This was really a great experience that i have during this visiting. Before i forget, this is Hafiz, form 4 science stream student. Going to miss u much and never forget u brother.
Above and below: Here come some of the committee members in this program. All are from different faculties, different residential areas yet staying under one University to make a success of this program.

Members of the program that come together in unity with one mission. Bring happy memories for one another.
In tradition, this is what we called as "dodol". This is the first time i had hand-on experience in doing all this. Beside dodol, i did hand-on cooking rendang(below), kuah kacang, lemang, and etc.

On the final day, morning, we started our day with J-robik and next having sport with members of village. There were events for children, teenagers and members of village such as walking with ping-pong ball, jumping in gunny bag, throwing water balloons, ketupat making, slow bicycle, bricks walking, rope pulling, coconut bowling and etc. But I'm sad because i dont have the chance to participate in those events because Mum was not available for those events at that time.

This is the ketupat folded by women from the village during the ketupat making competition. I did brings two ketupat back and still hanging in my room which i consider it as a precious ketupat as i receive it from someone.

It had been quite a sometime i didn't stay longer than hours under hot sun. During this event, i got sun burn and turn my skin to black as before this im already dark enough.
A group of kompang player, to welcome VIP for the closing ceremony.
Silat members with VIP.

Group photo with VIP for the closing ceremony. Inside this pic, there are representative for MB Johor as he unable to attend the closing ceremony as he had another event to attend. Besides, there are members from UMNO such as the leader of Puteri UMNO, young and yet pretty lady, good yet caliber.
This picture was taken after the end of the closing ceremony before we all went back to UTM. From here, i started to feel sad to leave as here give me thousand of precious memories that changed my life.
This was the end of the program already and it's come to the time that i exchanged gifts with my adopted parent. I cant stand the sad feeling of leaving this village until i cry during this time. I feel embarrassed but yet i feel better of letting all out than just keep the sad feeling inside. At 6pm, the bus arrived and this time mum also drop feel drop of tears and she pushed me fast into the bus as i also feel better when i was in the bus. I gotta miss u much mum. This is by faith that i believe we able to be adopted mum and son. Hope this will be continue and not just ended on the third day of the program.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Jamuan Raya GESS 2009

1 October 2009, a history in my life and this might be the history for Gas Engineering Student Society(GESS) history. A total of 170++ GESS society members attending this event what we call Jamuan Raya GESS 2009 which been held in Dewan Serbaguna KTDI. This event doesn't have it own proper committee members but i was part of the organizer. Its was quite disappointed as only 1 lecturer who attend our night. I really pray that this wouldnt happen during our GESS Night 2010. This was also the first time i wear baju Melayu.
In this pic was Saufi, Epol, me, L and my junior. this pic taken after the event was over. I was really happy although i didnt eat much that night. However, the memories that i have not only cost me RM5 but more than that. I had been bought buy someone to sing a song with Ashwene.
This was bunch of my beloved coursemates. Without them in my university life, i wasnt be so happy and cheerful as i am now. Without them, i always discouraged.
Before we went back from the event, everyone was joke around and chit chatting around and some was karaoke-ing. I was busying taking pictures of the night.
Hah.. Come to this picture. On my left was Hakim and my right, my dear Baboon.. Wakaka... From the beginning of my entry into UTM until now, he was my closest friend of all. I really hope this never ends until graduation and still hope can continue to keep in contact even in working world already one day.
Representing, the Putera-Puteri SKG. Cun yang cun, handsome yang handsome, cantik yang cantik. We are one family in SKG and without u guys, this wasnt a good organization.
Not forgetting also, this was a bunch of my beloved juniors. So coincidentally we all wear almost the same style attire.
He come my handsome junior. Hehe.. He was the first person to called me Handsome in the beginning. I was so shock but i just layan him lo. But now that calling already gone. Back to normal. However, even he didnt mean it, but at least i was once been called so. That already more than enough for me.
Hafizi, one of my handsome junior. Hurm. Really close with us before and now one by one take off the foot from our memories. Yes i believe they have the own life too. But i really wish that we all senior and juniors still can be as close as before.
Last but not least, my partner of the night. Hehe... Just for that night. To usher our beloved lecturer to the dinner room.

That night was really a happening night for me although i feel disappointed with some lecturers. But i believe everything gotta be more better than each time of organization of any events been held. All the best. Idup GESS....

Sudden drop of level of confident

Today, 7 October-First time lecturer of ours comment on our performances in our test 2 which just past for 2 days ago. This is the first time he do so.. At first i was really confident that i able to score A for this subject but now, i know i have no chance to score even a good grade for my test 2. Maybe just manage to score about 12 marks only. Oh man. I lost about 8 marks in test 2... 1.5 marks in test 1. Still got how many marks able for me to lose during coming test??

Sometime i think this was good because at least having some pressure for me to study well during study week.. But in the other hand, this will bring me to the level of dangerous from dropping out of 4.0..... Hurm.... just think the positive ways are not enough at all.. Hurm... this is all the thingy i want to say today... But lot of things in my mind that i wanted to share... but one by one la ya...