Thursday, October 15, 2009

End of Semester 3 with Shaking Confident

In the beginning of this semester, I set my goal to score 4.0 for this semester. And start with prayer guide by Phip 4:13 I can do all things through HIM who strengthen me. I really believe that this verse can guide me through my hard time and down time.
One month past, two month goes three month leave, its time for final examination for this semester. I was quite disappointed with my performances in order for me to score 4.0 for this semester. But until now, current moment, i still put my faith in Lord that I still can score for it.
Sharing about my current results,
Energy Balance Test 1>> 7.1
Energy Balance Test 2>>5.8
Fluid Mechanics Test 1>>13.5
Fluid Mechanics Test 2>> 11
Differential Equation Test 1>> 13
Differential Equation Test 2>>22
Differential Equation Quiz>> 10
Organic Chemistry Test 1>>16
Organic Chemistry Quiz 1>>4.5
Ethnics Relation Test>> 23
These are the current results that i have for this semester. Still got Organic Chemistry Test2, Energy Balance Test 3, Organic Chemistry Quizzes on pending. So far the only carry mark that i know is my Differential Equation which is 45/50. Hope so with this carry mark, i manage to score A for my Differential Equation.
Today 3pm was the last lecture class for this semester. This semester we ended our class with English Class and with praise from Lecturer that this was the first time from her teaching experiences that we manage to finish English presentation of 8 groups within two days lecture classes. Finish earlier doesn't mean that we didn't present well but we managed to finish our presentation fast and full with information(hope so).
Last but not least, starting today and onward, it was a Study Week for me. Hope i can use this study week wisely because of the pack arrangement of my final exam timetable.
28/10>> Advanced English
29/10>>Ethnics Relation
30/10>> Fluid Mechanics
3/11>> Organic Chemistry (morning)
3/11>> Differential Equation(afternoon)
4/11>> Energy Balance
After tiring final examinations, i have a trip to Cameron Highlands with Nusatropika Club which is a new club replacing PUSAKA club in my residential collage. We will be going to spend our holiday there for 3 days in which we will depart from campus to the destination on 5th November night and will be back to campus on 8th November morning.
After this trip, maybe will be heading to Singapore(Sentosa) for one day and will be back to my beloved hometown( Miri) soon. I really miss Miri so much.

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ZARA 札拉 said...

Good luck bro!
I know u can do it!
Gambatte neh!