Monday, October 19, 2009

Critical moments

Today onward was a critical point for everyone in UTM. Final examinations were just in a week time ahead. Registration for next semester also started today. In the beginning was so extremely scare because someone of my coursemate told me that when want to take signature from our penasihat akademik, we need to do this do that. But thank God. This three semesters non of this hindered me from taking his signature. Praise the Lord too I manage to maintain quite balance achievements in my studies. Past failure really must be taken as a teaching material,motivation but not condemnation to us. Strive for better through past failure.
Today, i settle all my burden. I submitted my photography assignments, taken my personal assistance signature and get one of my carry mark. At first was so disappointed with my carry mark but seem the highest was just few marks higher, i have nothing to say.
Energy Balance >> 39/50
Differential Equation>>45/50
Hurm... really hope to score for my final examination. This semester I aim for at least 3.9 if not i will drop from highest building in my life once again. This is the only chance i can score this time. scoring 40++ for final examination should not be a problems for us. Pray for me... Lord, Father Lord. i surrender all this into Your Hand. All things seem impossible for human but in your Eye, all things are possibles.

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