Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Semester 3 is over,welcoming semester 4 in 1month time..

Holding this verse(Philp 4:13 I can do all things through HIM who strengthen me.) as my motivation during semester 3 in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, studying Chemical Engineering major in Gas,taking Energy Balance, Differential Equation, Organic Chemistry, Ethnic Relations, Advanced English in Academic Communication,Fluid Mechanics, Organic Chemistry Lab and last but not least, Photography as my ko-q was really challenging for me. Sleepless night.. Endless assignments.. Killing tests... with 18 credit hours..
Officially after 15 weeks of lectures and finally it came to an end of it. Yesterday was officially end of it, ended with blurry situation, not confident in submitting my last final exam paper. But so far, a probabilities to score A is still there.. Still got hope to achieve my aim of scoring 4.0 for semester 3.
At last i do understand my eldest brother situation last time when he sits for his exam or study, he will have headache. I experienced it this semester during my final examination. Fluid mechanics, Organic Chemistry, Differential Equation and Energy Balance..... These subjects really causes me having headache during and after the paper. This really hindered me from continuing on study for another papers,moreover, we dont have even a gap of a day in preparing.. Could be said as lousy arrangement of timetable from authorities.
Now really release and doesnt feel any tense already because all is over for now.. Really want to relax my mind for one month and get ready for another challenging semester in 14 December 2009.Next semester probably will be a full pack semester due to 18 credit hours, will handling all the activities for GESS 2010, joining International Student Leadership Conference, this and that... Hurm.. really train us(undergraduate) to be tough and well-built.
I think that all i want share for now.. See u guys in Miri soon... Miss semester 3, welcoming semester 4..

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