Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sudden drop of level of confident

Today, 7 October-First time lecturer of ours comment on our performances in our test 2 which just past for 2 days ago. This is the first time he do so.. At first i was really confident that i able to score A for this subject but now, i know i have no chance to score even a good grade for my test 2. Maybe just manage to score about 12 marks only. Oh man. I lost about 8 marks in test 2... 1.5 marks in test 1. Still got how many marks able for me to lose during coming test??

Sometime i think this was good because at least having some pressure for me to study well during study week.. But in the other hand, this will bring me to the level of dangerous from dropping out of 4.0..... Hurm.... just think the positive ways are not enough at all.. Hurm... this is all the thingy i want to say today... But lot of things in my mind that i wanted to share... but one by one la ya...

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