Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Actually really confident with myself but now a little shaky...

Didnt update for long not because no time to online but just didnt update my blog.
Hurm... I just want to share that, in the beginning of this semester, i was quite confident to score to maintain my 2 Gold Medalist during my graduation in 2012( wish u guys where there for me).

After long weeks of waiting just right before Raya Holiday, lecturers told us "this the token for Raya Holiday". He gave back all the the test papers. And here come my hand start to shake and pray that i can get good grade this time.. But so damn disappointed occurs when i first receive my papers... Another strike after another strikes. Just like thunder strike right into my fragile heart.

Energy Balance 1>> 7.1/10
Energy Balance 2>> 5.8/10
Differential Equation>> 13/15
Fluid Mechanics>>13.5/15
Organic Chemisty>>9/10
Organic Chemisty 1>>16/20

These are all my results that i scores so far. I was really scare actually. For lot of people this is really good enough but not for my satisfactory yet. But i still have to Praise the Lord for what i have. Been thankful is much more important that what i want. Because without Him, my life is nothing(AMEN).

Im sad because someone who not qualify at all had scored better than me. Hurm.. Sound that i very bossy right? But that the truth, that me. Not happy when other that i think not qualify doing better than me. I hate myself because all the mistake that i have done. I can do much better that particular, but just too careless... Should knock my head right?? yeah you should.

But i dont want to think all those again.. I want to concentrate for my coming tests on 5,6 n 11 October before Final Exam on 28,29,30 October and 3,4 November...
For information, i going to Singapore on 7 November before going back to Miri on 12 November. Hurm.. miss you guys so much.. Love ya.. muahh.. hehe..

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