Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Enjoyable 4 Days Holiday at KL..

Because of monday is public holiday, so i decided to went KL with my coursemate since he going back to his hometown. Then he helped me to bought the ticket for the trip on Friday(6 March) 2.15pm after my Engineering Mathematics class. I was looking forward about this trip because it was really long after i didnt let myself to have enjoyable rest.

The day has come.. Finally i arrive at Pudu at 6.15pm. Dd waiting my at Pudu already. Before this was terribly nervous that dd will not come to fetch me. Haha.. Thank god DD was there...I did take back my books that i left at my friend house also during Chinese New Year holiday. Then DD brings me for dinner and haiz stupid thing that i bring DD to the MC Donald that near Masjid Jamek but without knowing that, just near to me, there was one mc'd. Haiz...

After dinner, DD brings me back to the place that i going to stay for the rest of my holiday at KL. Hurm. Not bad lar that area.. Hahha...

Quite comroftable. That night after everything,, we have a walk around kajang area and having supper at MAmak shop.

The next day we went to Bukit Bintang, Times Square, Pavilion to watch movie( Street Fighter the legend of Chun Li) and have a good tiring walk.. Haha.. but that was really fun.. HUrm... our dream car was there. But i will ma.ke it come to past to have it. We arrive room quite late also today. DD buys me t-shirt lo..

Sunday- we went to Mid Valley using KTM again and arrive there quite early comparing yesterday walk. Arrive there, we went to Pet Wonderland and walk around there. Haha.. I did spoilt something at Mid Valley lor.. Hahah... After so long i never do stuff like that. We having Mc'D again. Haiz.. haha.. DD did buy me some present lo today at Mid- Valley.

Sad thing today i have to go back already. We wake up at 8 and DD brings me for breakfast before i going back to JB. DD follows me to Kelana Jaya LRT station to send me there. My direct senior sends me back to JB lo. Haha... He brings me to his house and waits for his gf to get ready. That day really rains heavily and he drove super duper fast le.. So scare man. Haha..

At last i arrive JB liaw after 4 hours journey back from KL. I was terribly tired but i cant sleep well because i dont know what i think about... haha.. i really miss the trip that i have lor.. Thank DD for bringing me to have a walk around....

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