Friday, November 14, 2008

Fun Friday

Today i wake up at 8.00am because i haven't packing my luggage as i leaving to Kuala Lumpur to meet my Brother there that i meet him in Tagged. Before this we never meet before and this is the first time as well i went to meet my networking brothers and sisters that i knew and chat with them. My feeling is just very excited because i never meet them before and this will be the very first time.

Last night, L my close Baboon coursemate helped me to message my personal taxi and he will send me to Sri Puteri at 9am. I arrive there early and the cashier told me that there is still a place for me at 9.30am. So i agreed to change my ticket as i really wish that i can arrive earlier there. But something bad happen to me as my handphone spoilt and i cant find Aliff as i arrive there earlier.

What i hope is just that he will call me asking whether i arrive already or not. What to do??? i have to buy another handphone which cost me RM160 only.. Hha.. Thank God that i ever help him to reload and i ask Fook Sing for his number so i manage to find him. We meet at 4pm after 2 hours i arrive there.

He brings me for my lunch and then we went to pavilion and buy ticket for Quantum of solace movie at 10.15pm tonight. Before the movie, i went back to my room and take my rest and waited for 10.15pm. After the movie, we move around Bukit Bintang and we did take lot of pictures.

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