Monday, January 19, 2009

Committed to the personal growth to improve relationship

HI guys out there… once again I come back on my discussion with everyone…

As I promise we will talk about the 7 qualities of BUILDING SUCCESSFUL RELATIONSHIP. I will share the first one with everyone today but as I talk about it, I will use the example that I had experienced through my love journey.

First of all, COMMITMENT TO PERSONAL GROWTH is much more important in building relationship. Commitment is not just an interested in it but willing to change it to the correct perspective. As the example, after I experiencing the greatest lost in life last few days, I discovered that before this my commitment toward my partner is not that effective because something had overcome the important of yours.

I never commit to God’s word and lifestyle after so long that I busy with my duty as Ketua Biro Keusahawanan JKM KTDI and Exco Committee for Institution of Engineers, Malaysia UTM Student Chapter in Human Resource Department for Engineering Week 2009. So, my first point here is committing you to God’s word and lives according to his lifestyle because this is the best references in this world. From the words, learn to HONOR ONE ANOTHER so that we are able to communicate well with one another when we honoring one another. Even when come to some crisis, with this attitude, trouble problems will not occur. What the most important is, small problem make until no problem, and big problem if possible make it become no problem to the relationship. Solve the problem with kindness. (1 Job4:7,12)

Beside that, ONE MUST LEARN TO WILLINGLY RECEIVE GUIDANCE AND HELP. Learn to be open to each other which mean that when we were facing some problem, one should seek guidance and help from partner perhaps the best partner for solving problem is your very own partner of life. (Proverb 12:1)

One must be CONSCIOUS OF HIS BLINDSPOT AND EMOTIONAL HANDICAPS. With this kind of attitude, perhaps the relationship that you have build together as one in life can be improve and be better and better. Hey guys, let me tell you, if you as a partner to your partner never remind him or her of his blind spot (weakness), devil will come and take your place to take this duty and responsibility. So partners out there must take all possible opportunity to remind each other of the blind spot that your partner have before it is too late. Remember to admit your own mistake as well. (James 5:16)

Last but not least, you should SET YOUR OWN PERSONAL GOALS FOR REAL CHANGE. Setting this goal should be step by step and reasonable with achievable standard. Before setting this goal, its better to seek guidance from your partner so that what you trying to change is based the best on what the need of the relationship between you and your partner.( 1 Corinthians 9:26)


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