Sunday, January 18, 2009

The day that i will stand up strong to rebuilt my relationship with all my heart

After broke up, then I realize how important are u in my life. I feel guilty of not been perform well when we were together as one. But now everything is too late, even I cry for the whole day and night is useless because it’s impossible to go back to your side. But today when I attending my church service after so long I didn’t attend, I feel that I make the greatest mistake in my relationship with u. Today I learn a lot of law in building a successful relationship and all the points really contradicted to what I have done so far to u... I just can say sorry and I still love u all the while… I don’t dare to hope u get back to my side but I hope that I can change the whole situation…

Before further ado, remember this parable, “Sow little will reap little” this is really important in building a relationship with your partner. I experienced it by my own hand just on 16 Jan ago. I neglected you and that why I reap this type of ending. Everyone out there, remember all what I going to say and I believe u will have sustainable and lovely romantic life. But this is not going to happen to me anymore, therefore I hope that I can bring life and hope to those who really need what I going to say.

What I going to share with everyone consists of 7 points that I believe can make all things possible.
Before I enter further, just a reminder that every one of us choose partner according to the personality traits instead of character but to build successful relationship should be built according to good character. Good character is measure how u treat your partner and as a foundation of any healthy partnership

Remember to built yourself before u want to build other. “LOVE IS NOT JUST TALKING BUT ACTION”

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