Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Blessing been taken away or good thing ahead coming soon....??

I was wondering after so long didnt attend and doing my responsibilties as a christian and my promise to God during Building Fund Plegde, something weird happening recently.... Bad luck and feeling of emptiness spiritually...

is this so called evil attack or a sign of warning for what i have done so far??

I become very playful and i did cause some problems to happen between me and my coursemate...even with my roommate.... i think i over played in that case and i feel like i going to spoilt this relationship with them.. its hard for me to accept the way she talks to me that night... i will remember that night forever and ever... when played of something, i hate people play fool of my academic...

And then today, i spoilt my handphone.. shit.. drop into toilet bowl.. i totally forget that i bring phone into this afternoon.. after drop then i realize my handphone... shit.. RM700 gone... and last week i spoilt my spectacle as well.. while walking back from ATM maching near HEP... another rm500 gone.. in not more than one week, RM1000++gone just like that...

Addition, today i went for sponsorship purpose for the GESS Camp and the first destination already showing something bad going to happen. Arriving the first station, everything is ready yet the sponsorship letter not with us.. failed.. went to second destination, ALUMNI UTM... at first we think that this place going to be successful for us.. But the answer is NO... who say this is a good place to as for sponsorship... look great yet nothing.. last but not least, we went to PUSAT KOQ and some techincal happen and yet today we doing something really foolish and wasting our time..

Imidiately afterall, something comes to my mind. is it because of going to far away from His guildance and way>?? All the blessing that i have last time is because i doing my responsibility as a christian should do.. but after so long, i didnt give offering and tithes to God... Is this a sign of punishment or a sign of something great going to happen in my life?? after all i having some transformation in my life of having initiative to do something spiritually..

Some say is taking away from me because He going to give me more..
what is the problem that i facing now??
Anyone can help me??

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