Friday, April 17, 2009

Memories of my Study Week Trip

After tiring trip back from Indonesia, i rested a day and i dont think i having nice rest at all.. my mind just thinking and curious of my coming trip on the next day i arrive JB. Would it be wonderful or just a normal trip? Plus i going to meet DD's dai lou and im really scare plus shy.. hurm.. dont know how to express this feeling.
Day past so damn fast and now im ready to go bus terminal heading for KL. Arrival at the time of 2.30pm as i expected, dd already waited me there for long time. Just upon the arrival, i straight go to buy the ticket back to JB as i calculated the amount of money that enough for me to stay at KL which is 3 days 2 nights. After all, we heading to BB plaza as we having date with dai lou there. Before this, he tried to call me few times but im still in the journey yet i didnt answer him and so called didnt realize i having phone call.
After arrive at BB plaza, we had been told to wait for awhile and starting that time my heart beat so damn fast because feeling shy to meet dai lou at that time. We straight settle down at Mc' D because dd say my big luggage back very annoying not disturbing for us to have a walk in BB while waiting.
OMG, i receive dai lou phone call yet i not dare to answer and i ask DD to help me answer the call. Dai lou had been told that we waiting for him at Mc'd, by the time we get ready to move, dai lou already arrived in front of us. Then we talk for awhile before we heading for our lunch. Gor realize that when i talk i not dare to look at him but just staring at DD. Haha.. SHY SHY SHY man...
But thing improve very fast that after period of time, i feel secure and happy to have gor with us. Treating a person that just meet for the first time so so good is very hard to find already in this globalisation world. Materialistic mind, individualistic minded person, selfishness, envyness and so called all the bad habits occur in each individual and last but not least, taking advantages on other. But i cant feel all those feeling that i have toward other in this brother heart. Caring and treating us very nice are the characters that i could feel in him.
Because cathing time for working, gor have to go after a long chat at Kim Gary Restaurant. Wow, gor really good in introducing foods for us. But sadly and really shy that gor dont let us treat him. This things happen for the rest of the days during my this trip. Really bu hao yi shi but nothing that i can do even DD himself also shy toward this situation,even i quarrel with DD for this matter. But due to further explanation, finally i accept DD explanation.
I didnt regret to go for this trip this time due to i learn even more things not only in my studies. I didnt waste my study week holiday i think as more worth than i staying at my hostel just sleep and eat and sleep and eat. Impossible for me to study during study week because that not me. I only manage to concentrate study a day before final exam just like what had happen during all my public exam whole of my life. Anyway, i really want to thank Dai Lou for giving such a great opporturnity to learn a lot from gor and surrounding this time.
Thank love family....

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