Monday, April 20, 2009

The Burden of Second Semester

As time past goes by, now is already the end of my second semester of my studies. Sometime feels that still long where to go for me to graduate, but sometime really terribly scaring me that i going to graduate very soon cause third sem is coming just ahead of me.
This semester really killing me very hard. After all, i really done badly in my test for every subjects that i take this sem. All the carry marks that i have for this time totally different from what i have last semester, all 40++... but to this sem, what had happened to me?? lazy or something wrong with my interest??
For me to score A for every subject is totally hard except miracle happen in my life once again like my Basic C programming subject last semester. Today, i just manage to settled down two Islamic subjects. Total torturing me for the rest of 4 month early of this year. But during the final exam, i pay off some efforts for it and i believe this time i manage to score the maximum grade that i can get for this two subjects. No matter what grade i have, i still satisfy with it.
Two burdens laid off. Still got 4 to goes... have to strive the best because of my promise that i will do ever better duty to paid off my laziness throughout this semester. i have to punished myself for what i have done this semester. So no matter how hard the life for this final exam weeks, i believe i manage to overcome with faith and strength given by you all...

Pray for my final so that i can get 50/50 to cover up my carry marks.

Thermodynamic = 37/50
Mass Balance = 37/50
Engineering Math = 38/50
Material Engineering = 44/50
TITAS/Institusi-institusi Islam = ??
Engineering Drawing = A

Blessed and have nice day!! muackzz...

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