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The Journey to the Tsunami Soul City = Banda Aceh

Flying about the sea level leaving from LCC Terminal heading to Banda Aceh located at Indonesia, the place where Tsunami clean off all the villages near the beaches including the middle of busy city. We take off from UTM Skudai JB on Thursday 11pm heading to LCCT and having resting stop at Seremban stop at 3am before continue our journey to our final destination at Malaysia. Arriving at LCCT, we waited for around 3 hours before departure time which is 11.55am same as 10.55am at Indonesia. Before departure, everyone changes the money to rupiah and me myself I converted RM200 which is 620,000 RP. First time in history of my life I have million integer of money in my wallet. OKB… haha… It’s the time for us to depart already and everyone check in the luggage and passport as well. Suddenly the officer called our one of our team member name telling us that he can’t follow us going to Aceh because his passport expired soon less than 6 months. This is the last destination among us that he going back first before finishing the whole trip. Sadly he sends us off in the departure hall.

1 hours 25 minutes later, we had been told that we going to landing soon. I was really happy because this is the first time that I depart to another country using flight, my first international flight to another country. Yeah. After we arrive, the cars that coming from University Syiah haven’t arrive due to the prayer time at Aceh. So all of us we went to have our lunch first at somewhere near to the airport. And here come all the food that we eating for our lunch look nice and the price nice also. 1,000,000 RP equivalents to RM300++… Hurm all of us learn a good lesson and starting from that, every time we eat, we ask for the price and we rejected all the foods that we don’t want to eat.

The Kijang comes to fetch us to the place that we stay. Nice place to stay as well, but for three nights its costs us 900,000 RP, with air condition. We had been told that we going to rest until 3.30pm Indonesia time which is one hour earlier than Malaysia time. At Indonesia, we all use Indonesia time zone. At that time, then suddenly Abg Syai came to our room told us that everything cancel because they having PEMILU “ pemilihan umum” same like our “pilihan raya” holiday, so all the places that we had been assigned to go, all not open for services. But later, after certain phone calls had been made, my plan still on going which Bapak Yusof will comes to fetch us to his house. Four of us, Enaz, Shidot, Fareez and me will follow Bapak to his house and overnight at his house. He comes to fetches us at the time of 5pm. Before heading for the purpose of our surveying, Bapak brought us for a walk around Banda Aceh to that memorial park for Tsunami attack last 5 years.

First place first; Bapak brings us to the Mosque with name of Baiturehman which this mosque has its own history for Tsunami. When every house was destroyed by the tsunami, this only building stands strongly with the water surrounding and never enters into the building. Because of this happen, couple of non-muslim converted into muslim because of this incident happen.
This is the location of WKB ship which landed on the land after tsunami attack. The initial location of this ship is at the harbor of Aceh which is 2km from this location. This ship with the weight of 300ton able to be move so far from it location, and can we imagine how strong the wave of the tsunami? After all, this ship never been move back to its initial location due to its heavy weight and we had been told that before this, there lots of dead body underneath this ship. Around this ship, donator has built a park called Tsunami Educational Park which beatify this area.

Here is the location of where the tsunami had taken place. The first shown that the bridge undergoes compression and move from its original place to another new place. This is the leftover effect of the tsunami attack last 5 years. It’s been kept unconstructed again because it show us how great is the tsunami that attack Banda Aceh last time. Opposite is the small island surrounded this area and there are some island that had been destroyed by the might work of tsunami break into pieces.

After rounding the city of soul because of tsunami attack, we went back to Bapak house after the surveying at RAYMTA. We were taking turn to take bath while Ibu was cooking our dinner. After everyone ready to take dinner, we had been told that bapak and his family already taken they dinner. Hurm. Then 4 of us just take the dinner by ourselves. After dinner, we went to watch movie together with bapak family title of CintaFitri3. If not bapak switches off, I want to continue watching the movie because it really interesting movie.

We had been told to get ready at 9am because we going for surveying the software and wanted to buy some souvenirs back to Malaysia. Before leaving bapak Yusof house, we able to move near the lake. This place once was a paddy field and because of tsunami, this place becomes a lake full of fishes which normally the residence will fish here. We had been told that this place was full of dead body as well, some not been removed as well under the lake water.

This is the same location of the paddy field. This is the members of mine and takes pictures with them as a memory. From the left, Shidot, Angkasa’s mother, Enaz, Ibu, Bapak Yusof and last Fareez. Who is missing? Of cause me... Have to be the camera man for this picture. We take off immediately after taking this picture.

This is the road that just outside bapak Yusof house. Due to the straight long road, after tsunami, the dead bodies were arranged along this area. Million of dead bodies were located around this place because of nearby shopping mall as well as in around this riverside. This was really a totally great disaster and pain experiences for everyone who saw this happen in front of our eyes.

This is what we called Labi-labi at Indonesia. It’s a public transport that having the own route. Just like dabri but smaller in size. Opzz… what is dabri? Hurm.. Bus in malaysia. Haha… fun in learning new stuffs during this Indonesia trip. After this we heading for shopping our souvenirs and we did buy gift for Ibu which cost us 125,000 RP. We were shopping in this shopping complex which once was really big in size but now just ordinary size of hot without air condition shopping complex. This lift was destroyed after tsunami and due to the condition of this new complex without needing the lift to functions, this lift just leave unrepaired.

Hey Malaysian out there… we should be thankful for what we have now in Malaysia. Take a look on what the condition of Banda Aceh after tsunami. I really have heart pain of looking around this area. How can they survive under this condition? But what can they do as life has to goes on. Just can pray that blessing from other country continue to flow into them and able to build up this city into its original look.

This is the new museum build by the Indonesia government named as tsunami museum. Unfortunately, this time this museum hasn’t function yet because of under construction. Hopefully I will have the second chance to come here and have greater look around this area. Beside this museum was a field where before tsunami, an sport event was held and thousand of people die at this area. This is the symbol of the pen which means this area is the university area. People around here really care for the education. After this turn, let us see what next.
They have the election and that normal. But one thing abnormal is, there are 44 parties really to serve Indonesia. How the nation going to vote for the government? If me, I will just let off of this election due to headache of selecting the leader to serve the country.
After shopping, bapak Yusof sends us back to the place we stay because he going for his work soon at 12pm. We went back and take rest until 5pm. Then we decided to take off for bite of foods. We walk for long journey before we reach this cafĂ© named “master bakso” and this is the food that we eat for our lunch. After this, we went for a walk around and having our high tea soon. Hehe.. Fun place for high tea. Here we come.

Here the place we having our high tea. Hehe.. Small tiny chairs we sit on and having pisang goreng. After this place, we walked for very long and finally we came to one stop and buy some souvenirs just for me, dear dear and douglas didi.

Finally we come to the end of the trip. Thank god that I having safe trip going and coming back. Here the last scene of coming back to Malaysia. But I really want to finish out my saying. Hurm. Its really terrible dealing with Indonesia airport. Not systematic like what happen in Malaysia. So called ma fan in Chinese. In flight, this is the very first time that I having so adventurous flight due to the weather outside our flight. Sudden move of the plane make my heart like drop out for awhile before its continue to beat back in normal rhythm. Arriving at LCCT, we had been stop to come out from plane for 15 minutes because the plane door cant be open because of heavy rain. I was really happy that I able to message my dear at the time I arrive LCCT. I miss dear dear so much as 3 days didn’t message with dear dear. And here come all the final pictures that I have at LCCT airport.

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